Lockdown – again!

Lockdown – again!

We’re in lockdown again as I write this. What does it mean for you and My Geek Mate? well basically I’m still here in my shop but my door is locked and we’re not allowed to meet in person. However, I can still help you  – remotely. So feel free...
Covid 19 status update

Covid 19 status update

Be Connected digital literacy workshops during the Covid 19 pandemic Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, I’ve paused all the in-person Be Connected digital literacy group workshops. Fear not though as I am available to help you online! so get in touch if you want your...

Parental Control – Make your internet safe for children

If you have children using the internet it would be wise to protect them from seeing things beyond their age. It isn’t too hard to do, any device on your network will be covered and you’ll be happy you did it. Now with the latest version of the Apple mobile operating...

Mentor you with any digital project at home

Help you with your email Help you create a website Help you do online shopping Help you set up an email newsletter Create printed photo album from your digital photos Edit and publish a video

Securely and sustainably deal with your e-waste

Don’t just put your e-waste in the bin – your data could be compromised and it’s an unsustainable thing to do. I will make sure there is no trace of your data on your e-waste – so your digital security will not be compromised. I will take your e-waste to...

Speed up your device

Is your device running painfully slow? Let me speed it up by tinkering with its software, advise you of any parts upgrades available or let you know when your device has lived it’s useful life and its time has come to go to e-waste