Advice for buying a Windows 11 laptop 2024

Advice for buying a Windows 11 laptop 2024

Last updated: 8th May 2024 For general use such as emails, web browsing, video streaming, light gaming, basic video and photo editing, plus general Word and Excel use Processor Processor Brand There are two main brands for laptop processors: Intel and AMD. Both offer...

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Is your device running painfully slow? Let me speed it up by tinkering with its software, advise you of any parts upgrades available or let you know when your device has lived it’s useful life and its time has come to go to e-waste

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Are you upgrading to a new phone and need all your contacts, photos and so on migrated across to the new phone? I can help you out with that or any other data migration.

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There is a lot of negative media about the use of social media but that’s just a tiny fragment of the story – don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Used wisely social media can be a great tool.