Get you going with streaming media

Don’t be a slave to screen, gone are the days when you just plonk down on your couch and turn on the TV to watch whatever is on. It time to be inspired, motivated, informed and entertained by what your own interests. Let me help you get going with streaming media on...

Impartial technical advice

Are you wasting money paying too much for your internet and mobile phone services? Not sure which Internet Service Provider to use or what type of service you need? Maybe you are not familiar with the lingo and are getting little bamboozled? I can save you a lot of...

Get you ready for travel with technology

These days travelling with technology can really make the whole experience so much easier. However, you still need to keep your digital security in mind. We can go through a checklist together and I can personalise your technology for your travel needs.

Improve your internet coverage at home

There’s no need for you to have internet in just a small area of your home, it’s easy to extend it all around your house. I’ll come and take a look at your setup, then we can go shopping together and I’ll get it all up and running for you.

Help connect your printer to your digital device

These days you can print directly from your smartphone or tablet, meaning that for many people there is no reason to have a computer at home. Despite what the salespeople tell you connecting your smartphone or tablet to your printer is not always an easy thing to...