ISP = Internet Service Providor

There are a few reasons why it might not be ideal to use your ISP’s email address as your primary one:

  • Dependence on ISP: If you switch ISPs, you lose your email address. This can be inconvenient, especially if you’ve used that address for a long time and it’s connected to many accounts.
  • Limited Features: ISP email addresses may have fewer features than those from dedicated email providers like Gmail or Outlook. These features might include storage space, spam filtering, mobile app accessibility, or integration with other services.

    I often have clients coming to me for help signing into their emails ISP email account, it involves the tedious task of manually entering the IMAP settings from the ISP website: like this one

  • Professionalism: For professional communication, an email address with your own domain name (e.g., [email address removed]) can look more professional than an ISP address that uses the ISP’s domain name.

    For most of My Geek Mate clients, the above point is not so relevant

  • Security Concerns: Some ISPs have been criticized for having weaker security measures on their email accounts compared to dedicated providers.

    I have had multiple clients with Telstra and Optus email accounts that have been hacked. All you can do is change the password, they don’t have the option of enabling multi-factor authentification.

However, there can also be upsides to using an ISP email address:

  • Simplicity: It’s often quick and easy to set up when you get internet service.
  • Familiarity: You might already be familiar with the interface if it’s integrated with your ISP’s online portal.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your needs. If you only use email for casual purposes and don’t mind potentially switching addresses in the future, an ISP address might be okay. But if you use email for work, want more features, or prefer a more professional look, a free email address from a dedicated provider might be a better option.

Examples of a free email address supplied by an Australian ISP would be [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] – you get the jist