October 31, 2018

My Geek Mate is proud to be chosen as a ‘Network Partner’ with ‘Be Connected’ – an organisation funded by the Australian government to improve digital literacy among older people in Australia.

Be Connected provides many resources including online learning via their website. Here are the courses currently available to anyone living in Australia aged 50 or over who need help with digital literacy…

Free online courses with Be Connected:

The Absolute Basics:

What is a computer?
  1. What is a computer?
  2. What is a screen?
  3. What is a keyboard?
  4. What is a mouse?
What is a laptop?
  1. What is a laptop?
  2. Using the touchpad
  3. How to charge a laptop
What is a tablet?
  1. What is a tablet?
  2. How to charge a tablet?
  3. Using a touchscreen
  4. Tablets vs laptops
What is a smartphone?
  1. What is a smartphone?
  2. How to charge a smartphone
  3. Comparing devices
What is the internet?
  1. What is the internet?
  2. What is a web browser?
  3. Web addresses and links
  4. Search engines

Staying safe online

Safe passwords
  1. Why we need safe passwords
  2. Common password mistakes
  3. Creating a good password
  4. Remembering passwords
Paying safely online
  1. Payment options
  2. Which payment option should I use?
  3. What happens if goods don’t arrive?
Avoiding scams and tricks
  1. The phishing scam
  2. The unexpected money scam
  3. Money for nothing scams
Downloading and saving documents
  1. Downloading from trusted sources
  2. Protecting yourself from a virus
  3. What is antivirus software?
  4. Types of documents
Help and support
  1. I suspect I’m being scammed
  2. I think my computer has a virus
  3. I think somebody knows my passwords

Getting to know your device

Using a keyboard
  1. Keyboard basics
  2. More about the keyboard
Using a mouse
  1. Mouse basics
  2. The ‘click’ factor
  3. Scrolling
Using a touchscreen
  1. Touchscreen basic controls
  2. More advances controls
  3. Security and apps
Using a computer
  1. Computer and laptop parts
  2. Turn computers on and off
  3. Changing computer settings
  4. Programs and files
  5. Computer safety

Getting started online

Using the internet
  1. About the internet
  2. Getting around online
  3. Playing by the rules
Using online forms
  1. What is an online form?
  2. Filling in your details
  3. Multiple choices
Using email
  1. What is email?
  2. Creating an email account
  3. Sending an email
  4. Your inbox
  5. Email safety and security
Using search engines
  1. Benefits of search engines
  2. Website addresses
  3. Searching websites
  4. Saving images and files
Introduction to internet safety
  1. Computer security
  2. Use of personal data
  3. Secure online payment
  4. Child safety online