This morning I ran the first My Geek Mate ‘Be Connected’ digital literacy class of 2020. Despite there being a small turn out everyone was very happy with what they learned. They even promised to continue learning in their own time.

Everyone did courses according to what they wanted to learn. We covered:

Learning something new

Digital literacy learning can never be completed, it changes too fast! I often learn something new when teaching people. Today I learned too much to list here, but during the workshop, I learned:

  1. Samsung One UI allows you to lock your home screen layout – I usually show my students how to save the Be Connected website to their desktop or home screen. This time however I could because it said the home screen was locked. I asked my good friend Google about this and low and beyond there is a setting to lock the home screen on some Samsung phones.
  2. Personal Hotspot settings have changed since iOS 13.1 – if you want to share your mobile data using wifi to a device that isn’t signed in to your Apple ID you need to enable ‘Allow others to join’ in Settings > Personal Hotspot

    The reason for the change is logical but it’s a little confusing

 Anyway there you go, Happy New Year 2020!