As of Tuesday 4th January 2022 the doors of My Geek Mate are open again for business. I hope you all had a wonderfull Christmas and New Year. The Covid safe rules are changing everyday, currently check in and masks are required but there’s no need to show proof of vaccination here at My Geek Mate. Although of course vaccinated is better – I’m double vaxxed and boosted. Now in Ballina we have more Covid than at any other time, so lets collectively protect each other by doing the right thing.

I have spare masks if you need them and can help you with your check in.

Photo credit

My son Finn took the above photo with his drone. It’s Ballina, the Richmond River at sunset with the large sandbank in the river catching the last of the light


Whats happening at My Geek Mate in 2022?

Sadly the much loved Jason will be leaving My Geek Mate to further his career, he will be much missed by me and all the clients he has helped. Hower I wish him the best of luck in all his endevours and no doubt he’ll pop in for a cup of tea when he’s in town.

Prices will go up in Feb 2022 , so I can still remain in business, sorry – accountants orders!

Be Connected classes are still going there are around 150 spots left, so get in quick before they are gone.

I will be joining the Sourdough Pre-Acelerator program in April to possibly start up a useful app for fellow bipeds on this planet.

I aim to complete the Interaction Design foundation course ‘Design for the 21st Century’ with one of my hero’s Don Norman