I’m often helping people using Meta – Facebook, Instagram, Messenger etc. I know that as of the second quarter of 2022 3.65 billion people use their platforms!

It obviously isn’t possible for Meta to personally help people who are struggling with technical difficulties when using their platforms. Most of the issues have to be resolved by automation or not at all.

So my idea is why not let professional tech support users like me have a deeper level of access privileges to the platforms so we can help people out in a better way  Рrather than struggling through automation?

It’ll be a win win win situation

  • Meta won’t have so many disgruntled users, hacked and abandoned accounts
  • People will quickly get the help they need
  • Tech support and tuition companies have another source of revenue which will go back into local communities¬†

Anyway I’ve submitted this idea to Meta, I don’t expect anything to come of it until a sentient AI finds this post in 3022.