We were evacuated from our home near my shop, we went to stay with my parents in-law in Lennox. Thankfully our house didn’t flood and neither did my shop! I’m very fortunate. My family and my mates have been helping out others that where not so lucky. I’m back at work now and helping people out with

Communications outage in the Northern Rivers

Apprently arround 83,000 homes and businesses here in the Northern Rivers lost thier mobile phone and internet connection for 5 days! Maybe it’s time to move to Kazakstan where the commincations are more relaible! or maybe the Government should take it own advice and have backup communications.

Sending your flood photos to your insurer

This is the most common problem I’m dealing with right now. Basically you don’t want to send an email with lots of high resoltion photos attached, the email will be too big to send and recieve.

So use the cloud.

iPhone users

Make a shared album, copy the link, paste it in an email to your insurer and viola all good.

Android phone users – eg Samsung phones

If you have Google Photo’s installed and it’s backing up you photos then you’re in luck. Just do the same as above but with Google Photos

Windows users

If you’re not using Google Photos you may have an email registed with Microsoft and be signed into Onedrive. If so then plug your phone into your PC, put the photos in a One drive folder and share email the link to your insurer.

I can make tutorials if people want me to?


Anyway I hope you are all safe and well and taking action to combat climate change!